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Over the next two weeks, the UN Climate Summit is taking place in Poznan, Poland.  The nations of the world are meeting to discuss how to prevent dangerous climate change.  This is an opportunity to push forward on the first draft of a new global agreement to address global warming.  The draft will then be debated and worked over the following 12 months before coming up for review at next years’ conference.

On the web site ItsGettingHotInHere.org, they list Five Things to Watch in Poznan.  In the post, they run down of some of the key issues and players at the climate summit.

Greenpeace in azione in PoloniaIn a Wall Street Journal blog they discuss how the current recession of the global economy is a major problem.  Due to the current economic woes, rich countries are not in a strong position to commit to specific targets for greenhouse-gas reductions.

I think this summit is a great opportunity for the world’s nations to discuss this important issue, but what about actionPassenger Energy is an incredible opportunity to tap unused energy and reduce our carbon output.

Creative Commons License photo credit: greenpeace.italia

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