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I recently stumbled onto this story in Time of a brave individual named David Chameides.  He has spent this entire year attempting to not throw anything “away”.  While the average American generates about 1,700 lbs. of trash annually, Dave has saved all of his garbage.

Ooh look at me I'm saving the planetIt sounds crazy at first, but he has learned a lot this past year and is sharing his experience for all of our benefit.  After reading his story, most people will be compelled to examine their own trash habits.  Many of us are already moving away from plastic water bottles.  He also makes an excellent case for a reusable coffee mug since Starbucks went through 52 billion disposable cups last year.  That is a lot of preventable waste.

So what is he doing with his trash?  He composts any food leftovers and has been keeping all of his garbage and recycling in his basement.  As the year has progressed, he has gotten smarter about his waste and continually reduced the amount of trash he generates.  If everyone could just do some of his things he recommends, it could have a tremendous impact.

I find a story like this quite inspiring as I continue to find my own voice with Pay4Rides.  It is extremely costly to wait for government to come up with some big change that attempts to solve a problem like trash or traffic.  I believe it is better for millions of people to each start making small changes that will result in a big difference.  Do you want to remain part of the problem or become a piece in many solutions?

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