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Thursday, December 25th, 2008 | Author: admin

We always spend Christmas Eve at my brother in-laws with a house full of family and friends.  After a late dinner of fish and pasta, we let the kids open some small gifts and then sing happy birthday to baby Jesus.  The kids hold candles during a nice moment to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.  Afterwards there is some impromptu caroling of Christmas classics complete with off key singing (me), incorrect lyrics and a lot of humming during the parts we are not sure of.

This sends us home in good spirits to get ready for Christmas morning.  On the ride home, we try to get the kids to relax so they can actually sleep once we get there.  While they are winding down, they will point out the window at all the houses with Christmas lights.  You get to see quite a variety from the simple to the very elaborate, but none quite like this:


I don’t know the tradition behind Christmas lights, but it’s a wonderful form of expression that always brightens the holiday season for me.  Looking at all of these individual lights working in unison is very impressive.   Just imagine each light blinking to its’ own rhythm without regard to the music or the other lights.  Our current driving situation is an organized system of roads and highways like the strands of lights, but the drivers are each doing there own thing.

How can we better coordinate our commuting patterns to reduce traffic and allow the flow of drivers and riders to move more smoothly?  Passenger Energy could create a system to share information that allows for a more cohesive whole.  This is only now becoming possible through the amazing advances in technology.  We need to utilize cell phones, texting and the internet to group riders and light the way to a better future.