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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | Author: admin

My kids love getting the mail this time of year and then fighting over who gets to open the envelopes holding the Christmas cards.  They smile while looking at pictures of friends they see all the time and some they have never met (yes, Mom and Dad’s old friends have kids too).  These cards are a wonderful reminder of all the friends and family in our lives.  We tape them on the walls to enjoy them the entire holiday season.

So people all across the country pick out thier cards, address each one and drop them in the mail.  Then what?  Did you ever think about how the mail actually travelsCan you imagine having to hand deliver each one?  Think about the incredible inefficiency of having to drive to the house or apartment of each family.  Without the post office, you would have to deliver them yourself or use a high priced courier service to carry each card to their specific destination.

On a typical day, the US Post Office will handle around 700 million pieces of mail, but some days in December the volume can exceed 900 millionThis can only be accomplished with a well designed system that continually improves over time.

Starting up an idea like Passenger Energy must be similar to establishing the first post office.  Where do we begin?  Just sharing one or two rides will not have a significant impact, but if a paid ride sharing system was created and improved over time then we would really have something.  The potential efficiency of 250 million drivers sharing unused passenger capacity with millions of riders could solve many of today’s problems.