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The Asbury Park Press (my local paper) had an interesting story today about New Jersey commuters.  According to census figures, we are number one when it comes to spending time in our cars.  In the story, they list some pretty interesting statistics:Hand of Time

Census figures show the average state commute is 29.4 minutes compared to a national average of 25.1 minutes. Commuters from Marlboro in Monmouth County have the second-longest average commute in the nation at 46 minutes.  Many are solo in their vehicles. Nationally, 76.1 percent of commuters drive alone compared with 72.1 percent in New Jersey.

These numbers back up many of the arguments that I have been making here at Pay4Rides.  Both here in New Jersey and nationally, we are spending almost an hour a day in our cars and we are doing it alone.

Remember, they are called passenger vehicles.  The average car can hold 5 people, maybe 4 comfortably.  Vans and SUVs even more, while sports cars and some pick-up trucks less.  The next time you are driving, look around at all the cars on the road.  How many are single driver only?  Think about all that unused capacity in each vehicle and help me figure out how to begin using it.

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