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There are many reasons to ride a bike including staying fit, avoiding traffic delays and saving money.  Best of all, bicycles are solely powered by human energy, do not require any fossil fuels and can quickly travel short distances.

Bicycle commuting allows you to include a workout in your daily schedule and improve your overall health.  While exercising you can ride right past traffic utilizing bike lanes and off-roads trails.  You can also save money by decreasing your gas and vehicle maintenance costs, plus you won’t need a membership to a gym.

Vote for CommutersPickup trucks and cars fitted with bike carriers can provide an extra service for passengers.  To further improve this concept, we could include super light folding bikes.  The Curve SL from Dahon is a top of the line commuter bike that folds in seconds, weighs about 20 pounds and will fit into a shopping bag.

This way you could ride your bike for short distances at the begining and end of a trip, but let Pay4Rides transport you greater distances on highways.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Svadilfari

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