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Wednesday, October 08th, 2008 | Author: admin

Enjoy the ride!

Today we have an amazing array of electronic gadgets to entertain us when away from home.  Think of how much more you could enjoy these devices if someone else was driving.

Mehdi's Creative ZenMany cell phones are now equipped with internet access so you can email and surf the web.  Text messaging has surged in popularity and definitely should not be done while driving.  Also, any driver just talking on the phone while driving can be easily distracted.

In the last few years, the popularity of mp3 players has grown dramatically with the iPod leading the way.  Each passenger could just pop on their head phones and listen to their own music.

Handheld gaming systems have also burst into our lives over the last 10 years.  Why should kids have all the fun?  There are hundreds of games available for devices like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS to help pass time during a shared trip.

Laptop computers continue to grow in popularity.  Even without an internet connection, you could read and respond to email and then connect to the internet when you get to the office.

Another device aimed at kids, but one that would definitely be enjoyed by adults is the portable dvd player.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a movie or watch a box set of your favorite TV series while someone else drives?

And don’t forget about just plain old reading.  Grab a newspaper, magazine or book that you normally do not have time to read.  Hey if you are really up on technology, then get yourself a portable ebook reader and carry hundreds of books with you.

Let someone else drive while you enjoy the ride.

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Wednesday, October 08th, 2008 | Author: admin

Exchange points for drivers and riders

A transportation hub is defined as a location where traffic is exchanged across several modes of transport.  In our current environment passengers will switch between bus, railway and metro stations.  If every town were to establish a Passenger Energy Hub, it could greatly enhance the ability to share rides.

As a test, we could use exiting parking lots at malls and large shopping centers.  They typically have reserve parking area which is crowded on weekends, but not as heavily used during working hours.  Riders could be matched up with drivers if the parking lot was split into 4 quadrants (NW, NE, SE, SW).  First you would drive to the mall and park to get a ride or remain as a driver and pick up passengers.  Drivers could then drop you off at another hub that is closer to your destination.  A web site like this could be developed to allow people to gather and exchange daily commuting habits to organize groups for specific destinations.

As an example, if I am heading north on Route 95 and you are getting off at an earlier exit, I will stop at another hub on the way.  If you are going further than I am, I will drop you off at a hub near my exit and you can continue on.  There could be shuttles between hubs and from hubs to local stops.

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